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Monique Chevry, a collector and nursery owner, has created a garden dedicated to rare plants, featuring a wide range of blooms, colours and foliage. Adjoining the garden is a small area of landscaped grounds, with collector’s rose bushes, trees and shrubs.
This small piece of Lorraine hillside is a popular meeting place for gardeners from all backgrounds – all with the same enthusiasm for their passion. It’s a place where garden lovers can come together, in a rustic countryside setting that is open to all, where there is no pretence or reference to any “school”. Selected to represent Lorraine in 2014, it was chosen as France’s third most popular garden! The garden hosts temporary exhibitions.

The nursery specialises in the production of rare hardy plants that are rustic and easy to maintain. A free catalogue is available at the nursery, and products are sold on site or via mail order.
Nursery customers can visit free of charge, while groups can organise guided tours for a fee.

Activités sur place

Temporary exhibitions