The Loop of the Moselle, your holidays by bike, motorhome and boat.

At the crossroads of the major European cycle routes

Where we are in Europe

The Moselle river loop lies at the crossroads of all the main routes through Lorraine and eastern France, as well as the major European cycle trails. Here is where the cycle routes from the Netherlands to Barcelona and Rome meet the Paneuroparadweg (Paris to Prague) and go on to follow the Marne-Rhine canal, the Meuse or Moselle rivers, the Vosges canal, or the Voie Bleue, Moselle-Saône by bike (V50).

It is also a hub of the major navigable waterways that cross the region. The marinas of Toul and Nancy, and the mooring-sites of Maron, Liverdun, Pompey, Frouard, Champigneulles, Villey-St-Etienne and Richardménil, are all possibilities for stopovers.

Liverdun and Toul also offer budget accommodation for pilgrims on the Way of St James arriving from Trier and elsewhere in Germany. Finally, there are a number of motorhome service areas for motorhome users on the A31 motorway or the Nationales 4 and 330.

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