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Near Nancy, a house in Haute Lay reveals an oven in which bakers Maryse, Vincent and Jocelyn make bread using ancestral techniques. Here, there’s no shop and no waste. You order your bread in advance and it is put aside for you. Most of what we bake is distributed through direct sales in AMAPs (farming associations), buying groups, on markets, in canteens and at the bakery. The dough is briefly kneaded by machine, with each loaf divided and shaped by hand. This allows for a well-hydrated dough, a well-structured crumb and a good rise for the loaves. It also limits energy and running costs, allowing us to offer affordable prices to as many people as possible and with the highest quality. The unique quality of this bread lies in the natural fermentation using natural sourdough starter and no yeast... The flour comes from an organic independent miller in the Toulois (40 km away) and is freshly ground every week, without improvers, additives or added gluten.

Dates and times

from 05/30/2023 to 12/31/2023