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In the early 18th century, François Christophe Le Prud’homme, Count of Fontenoy, ordered the construction of a vast château in extensive grounds adjoining Chemin de la Papeterie. The Château de Bas remains largely unchanged from its original construction, although several buildings surrounding the courtyard and running along the road to the east were lost in the 19th century. Only part of the farm on the western side remains. Inside, the apartments were replaced with classrooms. However, the central lounge remains, featuring a spectacular double, curved staircase that rises under an oval-shaped, high ceiling painted in the same style as the ceiling at the Hôtel Ferraris in Nancy.

Duke Léopold often visited the château with his entourage to sample the local Champigneulles wine. The Count ordered a Champagne vintage, and the vine remained for many years afterwards, known as the “Plante de Reims”.
The château was built using stone from the remains of the former hamlet of Saint-Barthélemy. Little information is known about the construction of the château, with only a handful of notes describing its appearance: “Mr. Fontenoy’s château is a well-built structure, with magnificent gardens and outstanding water feature

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