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Around 1900, thanks to Art Nouveau and the many remarkable artists who formed the group known as Ecole de Nancy, the city acquired a world-wide reputation. Many buildings (houses, shops, banks, brasseries...) have been built in this new style. By bike, we will discover this architecture in the city centre and its surroundings.

12 km - about 2hours (including stops)

- from place Stanislas, rue Sainte-Catherine, then on your right  rue de l'île de Corse and then rue des jardiniers until the roundabout Giraud.
- go straight away rue Molitor and immediately on your right rue de Bitche.
- Take the first street on your right rue Lionnois  : at the end of this street, you will see on your left the maison Bergeret.
- Continue on the right side of the church to the avenue du Maréchal de Lattre-de-Tassigny and then to the place des Vosges. Before the gate, turn on your left  to the avenue du Général Leclerc. 
- Cross the railway line and go on a few hundred meters to the rue des Brice on your left. You are at the parc de Saurupt. You will discover many beautiful Art nouveau and Art Deco houses in several streets of this residential area. 
- Leave the parc de Saurupt via the rue du Général Clinchant. Turn on your right to boulevard Georges Clémenceau.
- Go straight away via the boulevard Jean Jaurès before turning on your left to avenue de la Garenne.
- Go on rue du Maréchal-Juin.
- Go along the parc Sainte-Marie, then straight away via rue du Placieux to boulevard d’Haussonville.
- Turn twice on your right to rue Félix-Faure. Many Art nouveau houses are in this street.
- At the end of the street : in front of you the thermal baths Nancy Thermal, the Parc Sainte-Marie and on your left (about 300m) the Musée de l’École de Nancy and its park.
-  Going out from the museaum, on your left, then the first street on your right rue Pasteur.
- Turn on your left to rue Dupont-des-Loges and straight away to the end of rue Kléber.
- Once you are place de la Commanderie, turn on your left to rue de Villers.
- take the first street on your right, rue Palissot to go to rue Majorelle on your right  : villa Majorelle.

- Go on via rue du Vieil-Aître on your left, then on your right rue de Laxou.
- Continue to place de la Commanderie and then to avenue Foch (Art nouveau buildings at numbers 71, 69, 45, 41).
- Cross the railway line, then at the end of the street take on your left to rue Mazagran. On the right side you will see at a corner the famous Brasserie L'Excelsior and a few meters further, rue Henri Poincaré, the Chambre du Commerce  et de l’Industrie (Chamber of commerce). Come back to rue Mazagran
- Go to place Carnot via rue de Serre , then to Cours Léopold to the gate Désilles at the end. Right of it, the maison Weissenburger.
- Come back to the gate, then to rue Desilles on the left.
- Before the bridge of the railway line, go to the right : quai  Claude-le-Lorrain (maison Huot). Come back and go on with the railway line on the right side.
- Turn on the left to rue de la Ravinelle. At the end, turn on your left. You are place Carnot.
- Cross it to the rue Gustave Simon. At the end of this street you are place Vaudémont. On the right of the Arc de triomphe, you will reach Place Stanislas.  

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